Providing Expert Human Resource Advisory For Your Small Business

HR Audit & Compliance

HR Audit & Compliance

Need one-on-one support customized to your unique practice situation? Get access to our 2S HR Advisory Services and find the answers you need.

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HR Resources for  Small Business

HR Resources for Small Business

Stay updated on changes at the federal level that may affect your practice, avoid common HR pitfalls, and learn what smart practice leaders are doing to build successful teams.

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HR Compliance For Small Business

2S HR Consulting is your preferred Human Resources Business Partner. We are a Human Resource Management and consulting services company located in Houston, Texas. The company was started to provide value by offering a practical Human Resource strategy and advice to start-ups, and small to medium-sized small businesses. We are aware that every practice has different challenges and our aim is to assist you with your day-to-day HR issues to ensure that you are legally compliant and up to date with your  HR documentation and people practices. 

Our Human Resource  focus approach is to assist you in developing your employees to drive performance by using technology to modernize the Human Resource Management processes and deliver business results so that you can focus on spending your time caring for your patients and maximizing your employees production to increase your company’s bottom line. We will work with you and help you to eliminate the strain and stress of ensuring that your human resource policies and procedures are compliant and administered effectively to your employees..

Do you want to know how we can make your workplace healthier? Schedule a consultation with the HR professionals to learn more.

Modernizing Your Small Business Human Resource Management

An HR Business Partner on Your team. Schedule a conversation with us today.

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hr consulting
HR Consulting


2S HR is sharing a wealth of knowledge based on a decade of experience working with practice leaders.

HR Compliance: Are you putting your business at risk?

Our free HR Compliance Guide will help you to build a solid foundation for your HR strategy.

This guide is broken into 6 sections; Recruiting & HiringCompensation, Training & Development , Record Keeping, Legal and Employee Handbook . 

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Why choose 2S HR as your HR Partner

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As your managed HR Services Partner for small businesses in the US and beyond. We provide up-to-date and creative Human Resources knowledge and implementation strategies marked with high quality personable service and  development tools that inspire growth.


With services that are easy to engage and an accessible advisor, you’ll feel confident knowing you have an advocate in your corner as you work to grow stronger teams, engage your employees, and reduce turnover.

The difference between a strong team and a fractured team is literally dollars and cents. Strong teams know their roles, they’re motivated to work, they have the tools to do their job, and they’re held accountable. The results are seen in your satisfied patients, increased production numbers, and net operating income. Teams who can work together and strive toward a clear vision will move your practice in the right direction. 2S HR can show you how to be the kind of practice leader who drives positive change and strengthens your team.

Losing an employee – regardless of the reason – can significantly increase your overhead. Putting a stop to a revolving door of employees can be a challenging but necessary step. Get the support you need to improve your recruiting, onboarding, training, policies, total rewards, and leadership skills with the goal of employee retention in mind.

You never learn’t about employment regulations or HR best practices. 2S HR Consulting provides reassurance to small business leaders who want to feel secure and up-to-date on compliance issues.

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